Our church is open for public worship.  

Due to the need for social distancing, we must divide our church family into two identical Sunday services: 10AM and 6PM.  We are dividing the church Active File list into two parts: Last names, A through L and M through Z. 

For this Sunday morning, April 11th,  we will have a 10AM service for those whose household last names begin between M-Z. For this Sunday evening, April 11th, we will be having our 6 pm duplicate service for those whose last names  begin  with A-L. 

To be fair with people’s schedules and preferences, the following weekend we will have a 10 AM service with those whose last names begin with A-L  and the identical Sunday night service will be for those whose last name begins with M-Z.  We will continue to rotate the list each Sunday. 

We will continue to post our Sunday services and Wednesday Bible Studies on YouTube and Facebook, for our sick, our elderly and those who are not yet ready to venture into the public arena.


An executive order was passed by the city of DeLand concerning the wearing of face masks while inside places of business within the city limits of DeLand.  As responsible citizens and participating as city residents, we are encouraging everyone to wear a mask while inside our building.

Those who are medically warned NOT to wear a face mask are respectfully exempted from this request.   The church has face masks at the front door when entering the building.  We respectfully ask attendees to wear a mask while in the building.

Whatever your position on the subject of Covid-19 and/or wearing face masks, let’s be respectful and patient with each other’s views on this subject.  Let’s continue the practice of social distancing as much as possible.  Of course, if you or one of your family members is sick or feverish, please stay at home for everyone else’s sake.

When it’s all said and done, we want to know that we have reasonably done all we can do to both exercise our God given rights for public assembly and yet protect our higher risk members.

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